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Russia-China Prepare “Final Death Blow” For America As Massive Armies Face Off In Europe

13. 9. 2017

As the massive armies of both the Russian Federation and United States-NATO assemble on the battlefields Europe today, a grave new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today all but confirms what has long been rumored to be true—and that is both Russia and China are preparing to deliver the “final death blow” to America from which this nation may never recover from in our lifetime.

According to this report, at the BRICS 2017 summit meeting last week in China, the “concerning parties” attending agreed to launch a retaliatory economic strike against the United States unless the Americans acceded to two demands:  1.) The Americans immediately stabilize the collapse of the US Dollar—and—2.) The Americans make a sustained and concentrated effort to keep their national debt limit below $20 trillion.

Rather then accede to these demands, this report continues, President Donald Trump, instead, sided with his nations communistic Democratic Party to “blow aside” America’s debt limit—and that within hours caused America’s national debt to cross the historical “red line” of $20 trillion—thus accelerating the worst plunge in value of the US Dollar since the signing of the Plaza Accord.

The Plaza Accord, this report explains, is the 1985 agreement made between the governments of the United States, France, West Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, to depreciate the US Dollar in relation to the Japanese Yen and German Deutsche Mark by their deliberately intervening in global money markets in order to manipulate the true “value/worth” of these currencies—and that was made in gross violation of 1947 Bretton Woods Agreement that mandated all currencies be pegged to the price of gold--with the US Dollar being placed as the only reserve currency to be used in all international transactions.

Even worse, this report details, when combined with the 1971 “Nixon Shock” (when President Richard Nixon abruptly announced that the US would longer pay its international debts in gold), the Plaza Accord solidified what is known as the “petrodollar system”—and that mandated that no nation on Earth could buy oil or natural gas unless they paid for them with US Dollars that could only be obtained from the United States—but whose full diabolical plot was, in fact, a subsidy granted, in real terms, to oil-importing nations such as the United States, Germany, France, and Japan.

With every oil and natural gas importing nation on Earth having to buy US Dollars in order to survive, this report continues, the United States, over these past nearly four decades, has been able to use this vast money making scheme to build up the world’s largest military force to keep its “petrodollar system” in force—but that has so distorted all rational economic reality, its dystopian statistics boggle the mind in trying to comprehend them as the Americans have created the largest crisis to ever face our world, and whose disasters include:

Global debt of $230 trillion – that can never be repaid, nor financed when rates normalized

Unfunded global liabilities of $250 trillion – that will never be honored

Central banks’ balance sheets over $20 trillion – because they are all insolvent

US insolvent – and only supported by military power

Most industrialized and emerging countries only surviving by printing money out of thin air– which is untenable

Interest rates at zero or below in 20 US-aligned countries – which is unsustainable

Paper money system –  all of whose currencies are going to zero   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



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